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Aug 22, 2013 6:30pm EDT
'm not crazy about the name change. what is it... like danielle or dana? no, ida. (retching) (retching) (gasping) (screaming) oh, what?! what the hell?! what's wrong with you?! i had sex with her! what?! i had sex with her at the marriott! aah, why?! i didn't know! i didn't know it was her! oh, my god! (both screaming) how does this happen?! when they move to a new place, they're supposed to notify the neighborhood! that's how it works! he didn't actually move, he's just visiting! oh, dad, i've been worried sick. where have you been? listen, i... i feel awful about the things i said last night. i was selfish. aw, you weren't selfish. i realize i put a lot on you. i was wrong to just assume that you would understand and be able to accept this. but, trust me, i had been unhappy for a long, long time. wow. well, all i want is for you to be happy. you're my dad. and if you're happy, i'm happy for you. i'm sorry, dad. i love you. i love you, too, glenn. glenn? sorry, sorry. damn thing can't tell the difference. (both laughing) oh, dear... okay, well, so now that we got all the mush out of t
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1